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Turabian Format

The Turabian format has been used for citation for decades. In fact, Turabian footnotes and bibliographies have become standard at some universities. By embracing the principles and guidelines that Kate Turabian put forth, you can be sure to create crisp and correct language for your term papers, each time.

The Ease of the Turabian Format

Perhaps the best part of using the Turabian format for citation is its sheer common sense. There are few quirks and tricky spots involved. Furthermore, each instruction is peppered with examples for clear comparison and comprehension.

The Turabian format includes two separate types of citations from which you can choose. Whether you’re interested in formal footnotes, or gravitate towards parenthetical citations, the Turabian format can accommodate your writing needs. Because the Turabian method was developed by a dissertation secretary, this style appeals to lower and higher education levels alike.

If you are looking to create notations in Turabian format, you might consider investing in Turabian Style software. Using this software, you can create citations in Turabian format in a matter of moments. With easy to use interface, these programs can often streamline your writing process, and make citations a snap.

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