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Narrative Essay Topic Ideas

Even if writing academic papers has never been a problem to you, you may be puzzled when you are assigned to write a narrative essay. What is difficult about this assignment is creating effective narrative essay topic ideas. However, what makes it quite easy is that you do not need to conduct a research before you can start writing.

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Where to look for good narrative essay topic ideas?

It is more likely that you will find them in your memories. Just give yourself enough time to think. Your experience is unique, so if you have enough time to browse your memories, you will surely recollect some events from your past which you will be able to present in an interesting form. For example, you can tell a story from your early childhood years. Were there any interesting and memorable moments in class? Tell about the present you received for Christmas, which you have been dreaming about. Tell about the journey to a distant place which left a mark in your memory. Your family or even pets can give you inspiration you are looking for. Each of us has interesting stories to tell about our cats, dogs and other animals. Tell about your friends, with whom you have shared many bright moments of your life. Some ideas can be offered to you not only by your personal experience, but by some global events, too, such as September 11 or Japanese Earthquake of 2011.

Which style to use?

After you have invented narrative essay topic ideas, start writing. Many students are wondering, which style and tone are allowable for this assignment. In fact, you can use any style you like. You can fill your paper with humor, or, on the contrary, sound serious and solemn. Just check that you are consistent and do not shock the reader with unexpected transitions from cheerful mood to sadness and back. It is important to remember that no matter what tone of narration you would choose, your work is still an academic paper. That means correct word usage, grammar and punctuation are crucial for your success. After your paper is ready, check it at least a couple of times to eliminate the errors.

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