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Narrative Essay Example College

Typically, narrative essays are not very popular in school and in college. You are more likely to be assigned to write evaluation, argumentative or persuasive essays. So if you feel you do not know where to start from, you might need to find a good narrative essay example college. It will give you a general idea of how your own paper should be like.

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Well, what useful ideas can you find in a good narrative essay example college?

Write a story

You are not required to do much research. Typically, when assigning this kind of paper, your teacher wants to evaluate your command of written English, your knowledge of grammar and punctuation. So, just think about a story you can present in your paper. Probably, if you search in your memory for a while, you will be able to recollect a lot of fascinating childhood stories. You can write a funny story about your pet, or a sad story about undivided love, or anything you find interesting. You have a chance to entertain your teacher and yourself, so why not use it?

Mind your language

If you want to include a dialogue in your narration in order to create a vivid picture in your reader’ mind, you can use colloquial language. However, in the rest of the paper avoid using colloquial words, slang, short word forms etc. While writing, keep at the forefront of your mind that your work is still an academic paper, so it is important to follow the rules of academic writing. Correct grammar and punctuation are very important for success of your paper.

Get feedback

As you see from the narrative essay example college you have found online, this task is creative writing, so it is important to get response of people whose opinion you can trust. For example, read the paper to your parents, they can probably give you some useful hints on how to improve your paper. Try to produce the best paper you possibly can; rewrite it until you see it is almost perfect. If you are deeply satisfied with the result of your thorough work, your teacher will definitely like it too.

Narrative Essays Examples

When you are assigned to write a narrative essay, you can be puzzled if you have never written such a kind of assignment before. Indeed, story writing is not a very popular practice in schools and in colleges. However, it can be a very interesting experience for you. As for your teachers can assess your knowledge of grammar and punctuation and enjoy reading an interesting story (if you manage to produce something interesting!). Well, what to start with? To have a better idea of what you need to do, read some narrative essays examples that you can find online. These texts will vary greatly in style and themes; however, you might find something useful for yourself.

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Where to look for narrative essays examples and how to use them?

There are a lot of student-written samples online. You can read them to learn how other students cope with this task, and you can come across an idea for you own story. However, if you want to buy a ready-made story for little money, this is not a very good idea. Many of the online-sources of free, so there is no need to pay for the paper that has been sold to other students many times.

How to invent a topic?

This is perhaps the most difficult task. One recommendation that can be useful is to write about something, which you know very well. You might think that there is nothing especially interesting in your life, but you should remember that your life experience is unique. There is of course something special about your life that can be interesting to read.

For instance, you can recollect an anecdote from your childhood, or write about your dog. It can be a funny story from school pr from your vacation. Just give yourself enough time to think, and you will surely find a good topic.

Which tone to use?

Your assignment belongs to creative writing. So, there are no strict rules concerning style or tone. You can use humor to add zest to your narration. However, as you might have learnt from online narrative essays examples, your work is still an academic paper. That means, avoid colloquial language, slang, short word forms etc.

Narrative Essay Topic Ideas

Even if writing academic papers has never been a problem to you, you may be puzzled when you are assigned to write a narrative essay. What is difficult about this assignment is creating effective narrative essay topic ideas. However, what makes it quite easy is that you do not need to conduct a research before you can start writing.

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Where to look for good narrative essay topic ideas?

It is more likely that you will find them in your memories. Just give yourself enough time to think. Your experience is unique, so if you have enough time to browse your memories, you will surely recollect some events from your past which you will be able to present in an interesting form. For example, you can tell a story from your early childhood years. Were there any interesting and memorable moments in class? Tell about the present you received for Christmas, which you have been dreaming about. Tell about the journey to a distant place which left a mark in your memory. Your family or even pets can give you inspiration you are looking for. Each of us has interesting stories to tell about our cats, dogs and other animals. Tell about your friends, with whom you have shared many bright moments of your life. Some ideas can be offered to you not only by your personal experience, but by some global events, too, such as September 11 or Japanese Earthquake of 2011.

Which style to use?

After you have invented narrative essay topic ideas, start writing. Many students are wondering, which style and tone are allowable for this assignment. In fact, you can use any style you like. You can fill your paper with humor, or, on the contrary, sound serious and solemn. Just check that you are consistent and do not shock the reader with unexpected transitions from cheerful mood to sadness and back. It is important to remember that no matter what tone of narration you would choose, your work is still an academic paper. That means correct word usage, grammar and punctuation are crucial for your success. After your paper is ready, check it at least a couple of times to eliminate the errors.

Writing Dialogue for Scripts

In order to write effective dialogue for scripts one needs to break away from writing in a storytelling fashion. Script writing is much more basic. In writing dialogue for scripts one needs to understand how people truly speak to one another. Much of what we see and hear is actually unspoken. It’s in the body language; the way people react to situations and in their emotions. A good scriptwriter will listen to the words that are actually spoken and use those only so that the director and actors can fill in the rest with their actions and movements.

Some writers want to inject keys into the dialogue to show the actors how it should be said. Common examples of this would be telling the actor that this line is said in an angry manner or another is spoken while crying. This can get offensive to the actors for you are implying that they cannot do their job without being told of every detail. If you include strong, precise words and phrases when writing dialogue for scripts the emotion will come out and the actor will know exactly what needs to be done.

A common mistake writers make, especially those who are used to writing novels, is that they want to explain every little detail while writing dialogue for scripts. They forget that they are writing dialogue to be used in a movie and all the little nuances will be shown to the viewers. Anything more than that will come off as forced and unnatural. Scriptwriters also needs to remember that they’re sharing their creative ideas along with other people. Directors as well as actors need to be able to inject their vision into the making of the movie also. Just make sure that when writing dialogue for scripts you make your vision clear and precise so that the essence of your story comes through.

Writing dialogue for scripts requires the writer to know and understand how people speak. Know the characters that you are writing about and have them speak appropriately. You cannot give the same words to someone that is portrayed as being from the streets as another who is a college graduate. They both speak differently and as a good scriptwriter, you’ll know that difference. Having everyone speak in the same way makes for a very boring and uninteresting story. Give your characters distinctive speech patterns and words, you’ll make them much more believable. In doing this, you’ll give the movie director and actors a good feel for the character you are writing about and they’ll naturally follow much more closely to your original idea for the script without you having to point out all the little details.

Be visual when writing dialogue for scripts. Always tell the story from a visual point of view. As you are writing this dialogue try to run the movie in your head at the same time. A good exercise would be to watch a movie or a television show and write the dialogue from the show. Then turn off the TV and read the dialogue alone. Does it evoke images that you just saw on the show? If so, ask yourself how the writer was able to get his emotion out in just that way. It’s in the words, study them and learn how the writer was able to get the strong points in the story.

Spend time around people, just observing and learning how they interact with one another. Watch more movies, television shows and plays, and see how the professionals go about writing dialogue for scripts. The more time you spend doing this, the better you will get at writing dialogue for scripts.

Writing a Short Story

A short story is considered one that is five thousand words or less. When creating a short story, a writer will describe as much detail as possible within a limited number of words and action. Often these objects or actions become symbolic which evokes thought on the reader’s part. In addition, it has to get off to a very fast start which means you have to grab the reader’s attention in the first paragraph. This is no time for boring drawn out sentences. Every sentence has to have a punch to it, be able to signify multiple meanings or descriptions. Use a limited number of characters. There isn’t time to go into length, so limit your story to three or four. Use just a few characters and magnify them, make them larger than life. Make the story’s beginning as close to the climax as possible, for example: make the short story about an event just before the conclusion. Don’t drag in a year’s worth of problems.

Short stories usually have some sort of meaning behind them. Know what this meaning is and develop the characters and setting around it to emphasize that point. Limit the story to a brief period in time usually covering only a couple of scenes leading up to the major event. Remember, every word and action you write has to point towards the meaning and conclusion. If a word seems awkward or out of place, delete it and replace it with another or change the whole sentence around. A short story has no room for unnecessary words.

Develop your characters so that you know them intimately. You may never use all those details in your short story but you’ll be able to convey their character more effectively if you make it a point to know everything about them. Show their personality traits by including possible habits or movements. Describe a nervous woman by having her chew on her fingernails which were short and ragged. By limiting the number of characters you have in the story, you’ll be able to make it a meaningful story that conveys its message effectively.

Know what scenes you will use in the plot and outline them carefully to make them flow into one another effortlessly. Use a limited number of scenes but make an impact with each of them. Remember to use every single opportunity to create symbolism towards the story’s main goal.

When you begin writing the short story, it’s best to start with a sentence that’s packed with action and promise. Since it’s so short, the characters and setting needs to be introduced right away and the beginning of the plot revealed. Pull the reader along by filling their senses with vivid images that become alive in their minds. Explain situations and describe settings by using dialogue and action. As soon as you start the story, you should be going straight to the top where the climax explodes. No digressions along the way or you’ll lose the reader.

Writing a short story requires a precision in planning the whole outline. There can be no wandering or musings. The story has to start with a bang and every single word used in the short story has to be able to convey symbolism or perform multiple tasks. Dialogue can be used to show the setting as well as a person’s character all at the same time. Above all, it needs to flow easily and quickly, carrying the reader from the beginning to end.

Problem Solution Essay Ideas: Where to Search and How to Choose

Nobody likes having many problems around him/her. However, when you face the necessity of finding a problem solution essay idea, you start searching to them intensively. This article will help you to get the problem solution essay idea and thus to avoid problems with your writing.

Personal, Local or Global?

Perhaps, writing about some personal problem would be rather interesting and helpful. However, as a rule, a problem solution essay idea should be about a problem which concerns some community, not a single person. As for global problems, they are rather important, but at the same time too serious to become a problem solution essay idea.

Thus, local problems are the most appropriate matter to become your problem solution essay idea.

Looking for the Problems

To find a problem solution essay idea, you can take the following steps:

  • Recollect some local problems you have faced recently and think whether other people also suffer from this situation.
  • Ask your family, friends, neighbors.
  • Read the local newspapers.

Making a Choice

After you have found several problem solution essay ideas, you have to choose only one of them:

  • Analyze whether a problem really exists. If there is no golf club in your district, it is a fact, but hardly a problem.
  • Think whether you have enough knowledge to cope with your problem solution essay idea. Solving some problems requires a very specific base of knowledge.
  • Evaluate whether you will be able to provide a feasible solution. Many problems just imply that “huge funding is needed”. Try to focus on the problem solution essay idea which is not about substantial fundraising. However, if you are able to propose where to find the necessary funding to solve some problem, you can choose this problem solution essay idea.

You may ask: should the problem solution essay idea I choose be the problem which affects me? Of course, it works as great motivation; however, it is not the obligatory requirement, you can just focus on helping other people.

Walker Percy Essays: Way to Make Them Effective and Great

Walker Percy essays are papers written about the essay works of “Walker Percy”. This novelist has given wonderful essay collections including “The Loss of the Creature”. In order to write such kind of essays confidently, students need some skills. Students can give a glimpse to the following tip and suggestions in order to write Walker Percy essays of effectual quality.

Walker Percy essays can come out successfully when students put their dedication with care. When students attempt to make such essays, they can refer sample essays related to the topic under consideration.

Walker Percy essays: Useful guidelines to make it effective

Students can bring out great Walker Percy essay when they peep through these useful guidelines:

  1. Scrupulous discussion with essay instructor can make a great difference while writing such essays.
  2. Topic selection plays a vital role in bringing out the essay successfully. There are numerous effective topics related to diet and nutrition subject.
  3. Dedicated research plays the second vital role next to topic selection.
  4. Writing the essay as per given requirement is also vital for bringing out successful essays.

Walker Percy essays: Tips to make it great

Students can write awesome Walker Percy essay when they consider the below tips:

  1. It is necessary to present the essay using simple and uncomplicated language.
  2. It is necessary to conform to the essay restrictions with certainty.
  3. It is necessary to produce the essay as per instructor’s instruction.

Walker Percy essays are the means that can be used by students to understand and express the significance of Walker Percy’s essay works. The tips given in this essay can be of great help for students.

Writing Essay Topics: Use Any Opportunity to Achieve Perfection!

There are two things that any educated person knows: the Earth turns round and students write essays. Of course, you know that being a student presupposes writing numerous essays.

Sometimes students are not ready for such a task. Do you know how you can be ready to write a successful essay? You should devote several minutes to writing essay topics for your future possible papers.

Writing essay topics beforehand: is it possible?

Of course, it is possible to write essay topics beforehand. You are likely to know what any course is about and what major points you are going to discuss. Well, you can start your study with compiling a helpful list of possible topics. Thus, you can start writing essay topics in several ways.

  1. You can read the content of your manual and choose some most interesting topics.
  2. During the course you may come across many exciting topics. You read various additional sources where you can find numerous outstanding ideas and continue writing essay topics in your list.
  3. Finally, when you are given assignments you can have many interesting ideas for your future researches and you can continue writing essay topics list.

Writing essay topics: how to use it?

Well, this is the easiest question. When you have several ready topics, you can just choose any of them for your essay.

Writing essay topics: is it helpful?

Writing essay topics gives you several advantages:

  1. It saves your time. When you have limited time for fulfilling some task, every minute can be decisive.
  2. It keeps you from stresses. You do not have to worry: you already have topics for your researches.
  3. It brings you joy. You write down topics which can be interesting to you.

Negligence Essays and People’s Wrong Relations with One Another

Negligence essays, written on different issues and by different people, concern wrong treatment of the individuals, property, buildings, various mechanisms. Dealing with tort laws and criminal justice science, a person could say that negligence essays are very important for a criminal justice course.

Having analyzed the concepts concerning the negligence essays, a person could say that negligence essays fully complete many people’s views concerning the tort laws and science connected with it. The following points are the most important concerning negligence essays:

  1. Degree of social harm. Different forms of negligence present various forms of social harm. Having fixed the bicycle insufficiently and let another person ride it may result in the person’s crash and bones’ fracture. Nuclear plant mechanism wrong usage, resulting in thousands of deaths, is quite a different matter from the instance mentioned in the first case. It means that potential degree of social harm and probability of its occurrence must be specially stressed in the negligence essays.
  2. Affecting other people. Negligence is not very severe when it concerns one specific individual. A person has a choice to live the life the way he/she considers necessary or even commit a suicide. However, when the other people’s lives are at stake, a person must be very careful and cautious. Nobody deserves the right to arrange other people’s lives or take it away from them. This point is very important to be mentioned in the negligence essays.
  3. Material loss and property wastes. Writing negligence essays, a person might stress the point of their influence on the human society and precautions that must be taken in order to avoid any tragedies, catastrophes and calamities. Having examined the most vital points of negligence essays, a person might say that he/she is more prepared for this life and its harshness.

Great Wall of China Essay: If You Have a Writer’s Block

The Great Wall of China can be righteously called one of the building miracles that survive in modern world. There is so much to say about it in your Great Wall of China essay that you might be lost at all the options. We have assembled some of them for you to consider and to choose one for your Great Wall of China essay.

Great Wall of China Essay: Option #1

The Great Wall of China is a unique architectural construction, unrivalled in modern world. In your Great Wall of China essay, you can choose to conduct a historical and architectural investigation of this wonderful fortress. Trace historical sources as to when and by whom the Great Wall of China was built, as well as what function it performed. Did it accomplish its protective functions?

Has it remained in the same condition through the centuries or was it rebuilt from different materials? These are just some of the many questions to consider in your Great Wall of China essay.

Great Wall of China Essay: Option #2

Preservation of historical heritage is one of the key tasks for the educated people nowadays. You can dedicated your Great Wall of China essay to discussion of the state of the Great Wall of China. Has it preserved completely? Is it protected by law? Is it regularly maintained? What should be done to let our progeny see it in the same glory as it is now?

Great Wall of China Essay: Option #3

There has been a lot of dispute on the visibility of the Great Wall of China from space. In your Great Wall of China essay you can track the documents on this matter and dwell on the issue. What conclusions do you reach from your research? Is the Great Wall of China visible from space or not?