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Fiction Writing Tips

Writing fiction is an art that is learned over time. One learns to write stories by writing and reading all the fiction writing tips that they can find. A good writer tends to be very observant of their surroundings and reads everything they can get their hands on. And most of all, they carve out a designated time every single day to write.

Here is some fiction writing tips that any writer needs to know in order to produce a believable fiction that readers will enjoy reading.

Fiction Writing Tip #1: Plot and character development. A good story will have a series of events that connect and unfold in a chronological order. Keep it tightly controlled without allowing it to stray off course in order to keep the readers interested. They’ll keep reading to see how all the different points in the story connect at the end.

Fiction Writing Tip #2: Create memorable characters. The reader has to actually feel that the character could possibly be an actual person before they can identify with your story. Using dialogue, actions and thoughts to define the character for the readers. The reader should be able to create the image and idea of who your character is through their speech, mannerisms and thoughts rather than have every single detail spelled out for them.

Fiction Writing Tip #3: Without proper setting the reader is likely to get lost in the story. The writer needs to be able to weave the setting by using atmosphere, location and mood into the story line. This way the reader stays grounded by knowing where the story is taking place and what the general atmosphere is like.

Fiction Writing Tip #4: Make dialogue realistic and close to real life. However, this is one of the trickier fiction writing tip. If dialogue is made to mirror true life too much, it will make for a boring and tedious read. Use dialogue to describe characters, show personality and even to project events. Fiction writing tips show that interesting dialogue will grab a reader and carry them through the story. Don’t try to get too creative with dialect or slang especially with the main characters for this can slow down the story too much. It is good fiction writing tips to show the character by using varying forms of dialogue to show the character but too much of it can slow things down dramatically.

Fiction Writing Tip #5: Establish point of view. Decide how the story is going to be told; if it’s going to be in third person or first person, you need to make that decision before you ever set pen to paper. Certain stories have to stay on a certain track depending on how the point of view is determined. First person has to be told strictly from the first person point of view, which means it’s basically all about the main character. Third person allows for the actions of all the characters but limits the narrator from describing the inner thoughts or feelings about them.

Fiction Writing Tip #6: Craft your own writing style. It’s basically how the writer decides to tell the story. Short concise sentences that make strong statements are desirable. Avoid getting too wordy and fanatical about the English language. The smoother the story flows, the easier it will be for the reader to read along with it.

These fiction writing tips are good for any writer to know and utilize in their craft. By following these simple fiction writing tips, one can create a successful story that everyone will enjoy reading.

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