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Blog Archives for category Fiction Writing

Writing Dialogue for Scripts

In order to write effective dialogue for scripts one needs to break away from writing in a storytelling fashion. Script… Continue reading »

Writing a Short Story

A short story is considered one that is five thousand words or less. When creating a short story, a writer… Continue reading »

Tips for Writing Dialogue

Skillfully written dialogue will grab readers and pull them right into a story. The trick is to make it sound… Continue reading »

How to Write Compelling Dialogue

Skillfully used, dialogue can pull a reader into a book and mesmerize that person. It also provides easy reading and… Continue reading »

How to Create Setting in Fiction

At the mention of setting, the novice writer may think that it’s just a minor detail. Just mention where the… Continue reading »

How to Create Believable Characters in Short Stories

In the creation of a short story, one only has a very short window in which to convey the full… Continue reading »

How to Create Believable Characters in Novels

Before you start writing your novel, develop the characters. Some of the more experienced writers may develop them as they… Continue reading »

Fiction Writing Tips

Writing fiction is an art that is learned over time. One learns to write stories by writing and reading all… Continue reading »