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Narrative Essay Example College

Typically, narrative essays are not very popular in school and in college. You are more likely to be assigned to write evaluation, argumentative or persuasive essays. So if you feel you do not know where to start from, you might need to find a good narrative essay example college. It will give you a general idea of how your own paper should be like.

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Well, what useful ideas can you find in a good narrative essay example college?

Write a story

You are not required to do much research. Typically, when assigning this kind of paper, your teacher wants to evaluate your command of written English, your knowledge of grammar and punctuation. So, just think about a story you can present in your paper. Probably, if you search in your memory for a while, you will be able to recollect a lot of fascinating childhood stories. You can write a funny story about your pet, or a sad story about undivided love, or anything you find interesting. You have a chance to entertain your teacher and yourself, so why not use it?

Mind your language

If you want to include a dialogue in your narration in order to create a vivid picture in your reader’ mind, you can use colloquial language. However, in the rest of the paper avoid using colloquial words, slang, short word forms etc. While writing, keep at the forefront of your mind that your work is still an academic paper, so it is important to follow the rules of academic writing. Correct grammar and punctuation are very important for success of your paper.

Get feedback

As you see from the narrative essay example college you have found online, this task is creative writing, so it is important to get response of people whose opinion you can trust. For example, read the paper to your parents, they can probably give you some useful hints on how to improve your paper. Try to produce the best paper you possibly can; rewrite it until you see it is almost perfect. If you are deeply satisfied with the result of your thorough work, your teacher will definitely like it too.

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