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Residency Essay Tips

In previous pages we have discussed the importance of honesty and brevity in residency program personal statements. Now, however, I would like to take this opportunity to review the importance of specific information in a residency essay. Specifics are not only crucial to the overall tone of a good statement, but the informational value as well.

Here’s a good rule of thumb to use when writing your personal statement: don’t beat around the bush. The directors reading your statement are interested in knowing your personals objectives and career goals in the shortest amount of time possible. Therefore get straight to the point and leave zero room for speculation.

Specifics are exactly what directors want to know about potential residents. Exactly what made you want to pursue a PhD? Precisely why didn’t you get better grades in school? Specifically what made you want to apply for residency at this particular institution? The more directly you can answer these and other such questions, the better your personal residency will reflect on you.

Writing a residency essay requires a tremendous amount of work and patience, so be certain to give yourself plenty of time. In the meanwhile, if you would like help in writing your residency statement or if you would like to know more writing a quality residency program personal statement, please access the link provided. This link will direct you to an excellent essay writing resource where you can find help and info.

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