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Kate Turubian and Modern Writers

Kate Turabian was born in 1893, and worked as a dissertation secretary at the University of Chicago. Turabian serves as another instance of greatness in writing coming out of Chicago. She later authored the Student’s Guide for Writing College Papers, which made a name for her in higher education.

In the last 60 years, Kate Turabian has continued to guide young writers. Her Manual for Writers gives such detailed instruction that it has become a standard for authors of term papers, theses, and dissertations. Virtually any question that an academic or student might have can be answered within the pages of Kate Turabian’s manual.

Covering the parts of a long formal paper, Turabian teaches readers the mechanics of writing. Her book even covers the use of tables or illustrations, and how to reference them. She provides lengthy instruction on citations, manuscript preparation, and various other topics. Perhaps the best part of her manual is its extensive use of examples for easy comprehension.

The editors of the Chicago Manual of Style now offer a new edition of the manual originally authored by Kate Turabian. Now Turabian’s manual is in full conformity with the Chicago Style Manual. This new edition also offers the modern student, replete with use of personal computers.

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