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The Dental Application Essay Process

Throughout previous pages of this website, I have discussed the benefits of organizing your thoughts before writing your dental application essay. I have also gone over tips and ideas for writing such papers, as well as suggestions for making them stand apart from the rest. In essence, I have given you most of what you need to do in order to submit a stellar composition. Now, I would like to offer some suggestions on how to take care of yourself during the process.

Being good to yourself is of paramount importance when writing graduate school admissions essays. As the author, the second that your state of mind starts to deteriorate, your written work does so as well. Therefore, in order to keep your mind and body functioning during the admissions essay writing process you must make sure you get adequate rest and nourishment.

Something that I recommend to anyone writing a dental application composition is to take frequent breaks. Regardless of how badly you want to get the process over with, you absolutely must take breaks to keep your mind and body sharp. Not taking breaks will result in frustration, poor writing, and a pitiful final product.

Another thing I recommend is to set aside specific time frames for writing your dental application essay. Give yourself a starting point and a breaking point and do not deviate from either one. If you can will yourself to work on your paper for one hour each day for two weeks (rather than twelve hours in one day), I guarantee your diligence will result in a stellar paper.

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