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Writing a Residency Program Personal Statement

Writing your residency program personal statement doesn’t have to be difficult. Provided you are honest, articulate, and organized in your approach, the overall process should be relatively easy. As someone who has written and proof-read dozens of personal statements, allow me to offer some advice on how to write a quality residency personal statement.

Honesty is the most important factor in writing any personal statement. Lying or stretching the truth even a little bit can result in big trouble. When writing your residency statement, make sure that every word comes from the heart. Believe it or not, those in charge of choosing residents are interested in what their applicants have to say. Your bare bones approach might not seem impressive to you, but it just might be exactly what the directors are looking for.

Another thing to remember when writing your residency statement is brevity. A good statement is one that conveys a great deal in a relatively short amount of words. While this certainly doesn’t mean that your statement should be only a paragraph or so long, making the effort to be brief and to the point in a solid page or so will only add to your credit.

There is no doubt about it: writing a residency program personal statement isn’t a walk in the park. Provided that you are thorough and straightforward, however, you shouldn’t have too hard a time. For more information about the residency application process, please access the adjacent link. Thanks again for reading and good luck!

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