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Writing a Residency Personal Statement

As most medical students will attest, formulating a residency personal statement is an extremely difficult task. An essay that must articulate the student’s career intentions as well as his/her passion for the field, residency statements are not exactly a walk in the park. As someone who has written and proofed dozens of personal statements, I would like to offer the following tips on writing one for residency.

As if getting into and graduating from medical school isn’t difficult enough, young doctors also most complete several years as a resident in a hospital. Now, considering that young doctors aren’t paid squat while working as residents, you would think that hospitals would be begging them to apply. Not the case.

Not only are top residency positions hard to come by, but graduate hopefuls must compete against the best in their field in order to even be considered. That is why the personal statement is so important. As a potential resident, the personal statement is your chance to stand out above the rest and literally plead your case.

Residency personal statements are hard to write, but they aren’t impossible. For more information on writing a quality personal statement for your residency or if you would like to know where you can find an editor to assist you in the process, please access the link provided. In the meanwhile, good luck!

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