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Style Helper: APA Formatting Software

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could have your own personal editor, to ensure that your style is correct? With the wonders of modern technology, you virtually can. With programs based on the APA Style Guide and Chicago Manual of Style, you can acquire the style helper that you’ve always needed.
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What Is a Style Helper?
A style helper is a program that helps you format your text according to standard specifications. Whether you’re writing an academic paper or business report, you can be sure that your citations are complete and your format is correct. With templates to help get you started, writer’s block becomes a thing of the past.

Features of a Style Helper
One of the best attributes of a piece of style software is its menu. In the best APA formatting software, for instance, you should be able to insert citations and update your table of contents with a few clicks of your mouse. In the best programs, you can even automatically sort your bibliography, for ease of completion.

Some style helpers even offer instant creation of a list of tables or illustrations. You can also ensure that your chapter and sections headings are correct and complete with easy tools for insertion and formatting. Once you’ve used these programs, you won’t want to go back to referenceless guesswork.

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