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Types of Writing Classes

There is no better way to become a better writer than to sign up for and take some basic writing classes.  These classes can be found all over the place, at local park districts or community colleges, to online clubs, or a local group that meets weekly at a cafe to discuss their work.

I strongly believe that anyone who has any serious desires towards becoming a writer, or simply to improve their style and tone should be signed up for these classes and meeting with other writers.  They will critique your work and help you learn how to more effectively communicate your ideas in writing, which, of course, will help you grow as a writer and as a person.

In my experience, the best classes are offered through colleges, though they are typically much more expensive there than anywhere else.  Try to find a community college where you can take some classes at a significant discount rather than a major state university or a private school.  In general, the classes will be significantly less money, and there will be fewer people in class, so you get more of a one-on-one with the teacher.

Another option is to start, or to find a local group to meet with and discuss your writing with.  This is difficult for many people who aren’t sure where to look.  Indeed, these little clubs are a little hard to find, and many do not actively look for new members, so it is difficult to get into even if you can find one.

The other option, which is often the best option for most people, is to enroll in an online writing class.  These classes are offered all over the place, often through colleges (again, expensive), but they do not require you to meet regularly or discuss in person, since everything is done through an online forum.

Other times, there are types of writing classes which focus on giving you exercises and practice activities to engage your mind in writing on things that you normally wouldn’t consider writing about.  I personally think that these are more helpful to you than writing critique groups because they take you out of your element and force you to try something totally new.  This can help people who write only in one style by helping them realize new techniques that they can take from the new discipline and apply to their own.

No matter what kind of class you decide on, make sure you take the time to go out and sign up for one right away.

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